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It all started at Christmas 2019, when my Husband bought me a candle making kit, and thats when i started to look into making my own for the my own personal use. Then family and friends started to ask me to make them some as they liked  the scent and  how long the melts lasted (Smell).  So  with the help of my Husband, we looked online and found a few suppliers and the rest they say is history. 

Our Company

We are a small family business from Yorkshire, that started  from a hobby and we’ve grown from there. To make our wax melts we use Eco olive pillar blend wax and most of our scents are from Fresh Skin, we are also CLP compliant. We have a small loyal customer base that is growing all the time, and it is with many thanks to these ‘melters’ that we are still going today.

Our Team

Deborah Cowe


Stephen Cowe



Chief Testers/information gatherers

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